Got an extra mile?

Distance: 5.0 miles
: 48.48
Playlist: New (I made it in the car while waiting in the preschool drop off line, I wasn’t creative in naming, but it was a good playlist)

I haven’t fully found my running glow but I did find out that my running is good for my brain. So in order to function and carry on I am pushing myself to run. It’s not a bad thing I guess.

My goal for today was 4 miles. With Dam to Dam in just 10 days I need longer runs. Four miles isn’t long, but it feels long when you are on a treadmill. Who knew I’d enjoy running outside? So four miles it was. Which I may add, is considered long for me since I have been stuck in a 2 mile rut.

As I’m pounding the rubber/moving pavement I started thinking about everything going on in my life. What I am dealing with, what I am facing, how hard it is, how I wished to be eight years old when life was simple. It’s not simple anymore. Being a mom is so not simple. Not having a mom to help me become a better mom is extremely not simple. I miss you mom.

It’s pretty easy to skip a workout because life isn’t simple. If it were I would be a spitting image of Kate Hudson with kids who don’t yell, who LOVE helping mom, a cabana boy out back cleaning the pool, a crazy amount of money in the bank and an endless supply of wine. Oh and after all that wine I would actually lose weight and never have a hangover. Ever.

Dragging your butt to the gym, to run, to bike, to walk, to Zumba . . . it can be hard. I know, I have been there. So today, I chose to run an extra mile for you. Because it IS hard to put yourself first and some days you just don’t have it in you. Been there too.

Today, I had your back. I ran a mile for you, to help you out, to try to make you feel better. To tell you that you are not alone, and soon, you will be running your own mile. And when you do, run an extra mile for your best friend, your neighbor, your daughters teacher, the mom standing in line at the grocery store with a screaming child . . . they could use it too. #RunMomRun


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Running Glow Missing!

My runner’s glow is missing. Have you seen it? I used to find it after a run. No matter how short, how long, how fast or how slow, that glow would always magically appear. I counted on it.

My glow has been gone for 13 days. It disappeared the day my mom passed. I am not enjoying running like I did before before. Losing a parent can change a person. Will losing my mom change my love for running?

I didn’t want to run today. I set out my clothes to get up and go to the gym. However the Y doesn’t open till 6 on Saturdays and Will had to leave by 6:45. I’ll just go when he gets back. As the morning went on the desire to go decreased. By the time Will showed up I was completely out of the mood to run. Why?

Running isn’t doing its job anymore. 40 days ago when I would go running I would feel this tremendous relief. I could handle anything that was thrown at me. It felt good to run. I smiled. I smiled and it felt good. Smiling hasn’t felt good for 13 days. Running hasn’t felt good for 13 days.

I really miss that glow I would get after a run. I wanted to find it so I tried new things. I tried running outside. I tried keeping a 10 minute pace for 3 miles. I tried to run a mile in under 10 minutes. Today I ran for an hour and went 5 miles. There was no glow. I miss my glow. I miss my mom.

I have always enjoyed the mental benefits of running more than the physical. Well, I do enjoy the scale number decreasing. Who doesn’t? But running always got me through the tough stuff.

  • Grandma passed away . . . go running.
  • Kids driving me up the wall . . . go running.
  • Argument with the husband . . . go running.
  • In a creative block . . . go running.

Problems fixed. Issues resolved. Or at least I could handle things. And still smile. Till now. Running just makes me more tired. And I’m tired a lot.

I’m trying to remain positive. I really am. I guess I could be more of a basked case if I wasn’t running. I’d hate to see that person. So I guess I’ll keep trying. Maybe someday I’ll run into my glow. RunMomRun



Ya, it’s been awhile since I have posted, but I have still been running. Well sorta. Not as much as I would have liked. But a run is still a run right?

The girls gave me a great gift this morning. They BOTH slept in till 8:41am. Don’t hate me. It was a nice relaxing wake up this morning, because that means I got to sleep in till 8:41 am. Then my husband went off to do a few errands & asked what I was going to do this morning.

I think I will take the girls and go to the gym. Win/win for both of us.

Breakfast. Clean the kitchen. Change clothes. Off to the gym we go. Treadmill here I come.

I was worried Penny would be fussy for the staff. But both girls were a champ and I got a 2 mile run in. 22 minutes. Not bad, but not where I want. No one can fix that but me. Which brings me to a great quote I found on FaceBook from The Gracious Pantry this afternoon.

Part of motivation is focus. If you lose your focus, you can just toss motivation right out the window.

 Part of focus, is having a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you can just toss focus out the window.

 Make a plan, focus your energies, and go for it.

Planning. Plans are great. Plans are easy. I make them all the time. It’s the follow through I have a hard time with. Urg. Plan + Focus + Motivation. How do i get to step 2? RunMomRun

Training to run

The first time I really ran was when I worked for the YMCA. Boy, those were some fun times. We had an employee moral event in which all full time employees at each branch competed in events. Some were crazy (volleyball with a giant beach ball) to a mini triathlon. My 3 man team consisted of  a swimmer, a biker and me. The runner. Why can’t I remember my teammates? I feel old. Anywhoo, My first 5k was on a treadmill as people watched & cheered for me. I thought i was going to die. My legs hurt. My lungs hurt. I wanted to stop, yet I didn’t because people were watching. I’m pretty sure I came in last. That night I was freaking exhausted & could barely talk and i thought i never wanted to do that again. Yet, I was hooked.

From then on I practiced running. I had all these high hopes: To be able to work out where ever I go since running doesn’t need much equipment and you can do it anywhere. To run a 5K every month. To run a half marathon. To run a full marathon. To be one of those lean runners who are fit & full of energy. A girl can dream right? Yet, I never trained. I practiced.

The difference? Doesn’t seem like much difference, but to me there is. I have always just stepped on the treadmill (occasionally outside) and just ran. Not much to it. One foot, then the other. But something was missing. Running without walking. Oh yea, that’s me.

For the first time I am following a training plan. I downloaded an app to train for a 10K. I completed my first week and it felt slow. Run one minute. Walk 1.5 minutes. I wanted to skip it until I read their FAQ section. wow, first time i read the FAQ section too.

We strongly recommend that you go through the full program. The biggest mistake people make when starting to run is going too hard too quick. you might feel fit, but your body still needs time to get use tot he program, and skipping weeks will be counter-productive. Even if the first week seems easy, go through the routine. Give your body a chance to get use to it.

So, with week 1 down, here I go. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted. Run Mom Run.

Talking to myself again

Distance: 5.0 miles
: 1 hour 20 seconds
Playlist: Pandora: Hot Chelle Rae station

Will asked me the other day why I am only running short miles lately. Well, I started weight training again and when I weight train I run quick miles. Plus I was enjoying getting done quickly. So, it started me thinking. Yes, sometimes that is dangerous. Why haven’t I done a long run lately?

So today I pushed myself. It was a 12 minute mile pace. I felt slow. But it was all about the distance today.

At first I started off telling myself “just go 4 miles”. Then I got to 3 and wanted to quit but that was only 1 mile away, I could do that. Then I started thinking again, I wonder how many miles I could go in one hour? Could I really get in 5? No way. Well, maybe.

So I tried. I survived. I conquered the long run. Proof it really is about what we tell ourselves. I talked myself into it. Hmmmm…. I just might be on to something. Run Mom Run.

What’s the Deal?

Distance: 2.0 miles
: 18.22
Playlist: Rock My Run: Katy’s Fun Run

Recently I was chatting with a friend via text when she had asked me a favor. I was a little nervous on what it was, but I would do just about anything for her. She asked me to nudge her if I haven’t seen her post a workout on RunKeeper/Facebook. Hell’s ya, I could do that. Not a problem.

But then I got to thinking . . . This makes me accountable to workout too. Crap. So, this might be good for both of us, cause I need the motivation too. I shouldn’t have a problem there. In fact, have you seen me lately? I been relaxing a little too much this summer. Damn wine. Yummy wine.

I can tell you a hundred reasons why I didn’t work out today, or yesterday or the day before, but when it really comes down to it, there is no reason why I can’t. We even have workout video games for when I am trapped at home. Yes, there are days when I get trapped. But for some reason, sometimes, most of the time lately, I find that reason to not go.

  • School, school, school
  • work, work, work
  • kids, kids, kids
  • too hot
  • too tired
  • too sick
  • too sore from yesterdays workout
  • i just dont want to
  • etc

What I find very intriguing is that after every workout I feel great. GREAT!! And I am always glad that I did. So, what’s the deal? Run Mom Run

Track running

Distance: 3.5 miles
: 42.2
Playlist: RockMyRun/Zombies, Run!

In my last post I mentioned that I found a new lap app. Well, here is my review of it today.

I dropped Hayden off at preschool and went to the Healthy Living Center for my run. Yes, Penny cried when I left her again. There were treadmills open however for some reason I wanted to run on the track again. Weird.

Anyway I opened the Tap-A-Lap App. The opening screen lets you pick how many miles you want to run and how many laps are to your mile. 3.5 miles for me today. I wanted to push myself. That and I heard someone say on Tuesday that their workout was 5 miles and I was a little jealous. I want to run 5 miles like it is nothing. Someday.

It is very easy to use this app. When you complete 1 lap, tap the giant green Lap button. The app magically tracks all the cools stats of your run. I love the stats, hate trying to figure them out. To the right is a screen shot from the middle of my run.

Old School Counting

I think I like it because way back when I first started running, before the iPhones and all the apps, if I were to run on a track I would have to use an old school lap counter to keep track. This is exactly the same thing, but I get all of this cool stats with it. And for someone who is trying to improve their running, like me, this app is great. And it links to RunKeeper, which is a great plus too!

What is this lap lacking? I wish it would talk to me and tell me how many laps I have left. I know I can glance down and see very easily where I am, but sometimes I like the voices in my head. Sometimes. If it does do this I haven’t found it yet. It also is missing a history section, but I guess that is why they provide the link to RunKepper.

As I mentioned above I did like the fact that it links to RunKeeper but the app lost my connection and I had to manually update it this time. I was scared but luckily the app emailed my stats to me. I relinked it so hopefully it was just a one time fluke. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

All in all, I think it is worth the 99cents. There is a free version if you want to try it out before spending the big bucks, but you can’t tell the app how many miles you want to run. It only allows for 1 mile. I started with the free one then upgraded. I will be using it again. Run Mom Run!

Next app review: Zombies, Run!

Leaving the “crying” kids

Distance: 3 miles
: 35.35
Playlist: Cool List/Zombies, Run!

Today I dropped Hayden off at preschool and decided that I needed to go for a run. So I took Miss Penny and we went to the YMCA Healthy Living Center. I did my normal routine, park, check in, go to child watch, sign in & explain to staff that she is getting over a bad diaper rash. Poor girl. I then go to hand her off to staff and she wont let go. She grabs my shirt with both little hands and locks her feet around me and cries. Ohhhhh…

This is the hardest part about the gym. Leaving my girls when I hear them cry. I had so much trouble leaving Hayden 3 years ago. She would cry the whole time and staff would have to come get me. And I didn’t trust people with my first born. Did you? I was looking for someone to take the time with me & understand that I was a first time mom and that both my daughter & I needed help adjusting. It was hard for both of us. After all, I was a stay at home mom and we were together all the time. Like, all the time.

After many attempts and a wonderful child care staff at the Northwest YMCA we learned to adjust and the separation became good for us. I firmly believe that it was easier for Hayden to start preschool activities (Good Time Gang at age 2) because we practice and the staff helped her. And me.

Then it happened again. When I left the child watch today after Penny clinging to me crying, the feelings all came back up on how hard it is to leave your kids.

The treadmills were full upstairs, which was good because I ran on the track for the first time. EVER. I started out walking a lap to warm up and all I could think about was if Penny was ok. All I could focus on was her crying at looking at me with those eyes. She can get anything with those eyes. Crap, that was one lap. Blerg! I have to count laps. My memory sucks. I started to run (jog) lap 2 and then had a brillant idea. Ta Dah! I have my iPhone. I will buy a lap app. I found a great one, I’ll tell you about later. 

So my laps are easier to track, now back to Penny. Maybe I should just go get her. I don’t want her to hate me. But wait. Remember Hayden? Remember how hard it was for her? All kids go through it. Heck I should do it with no problem since I did it once before. I told myself it was good for her. She needed to be away from me. It will be better for her in the long run.

Then it hit me. Like I ran into the track wall. Crap, hit the lap button. This is good for ME. I need this more than she does. Will tells me all the time. Number one priority is my health. Then the kids. Then school work (just 3 more classes left!). Then work. Then the house. I have wrote about it before but why is it so hard to remember to put myself above the kids? Why do we do that? Why do I do that?

So, like I said earlier. Starting over. Time to remember who comes first. Cause if mommma ain’t happy, nobody happy. Run Mom Run! Hit the lap button!

Starting Over

Distance: 3 miles
: 40:45
Avg Speed: 13:34
Playlist: Rock My Run

Well, I promised myself that I would post after every run and I have failed that. According to the site my last run was on December 5th. When I look through Run Keeper I have racked up 40 miles since then. Wow. 40 miles? Seems cool when I put it that way. So today I am starting over. Not in just blogging, but in running.

I have not ran since March 2nd. Since then I have been sick with sinus infections then twisted by back so bad it sent me to my knees in tears. Thanks to the chiropractor, and the meds from the doctor I believe I am finally on the mend. So, I can run again. But I’m so slow, but I need to run.

Slow is right. I did an interval run today. 5 min warmup & cool down along with 2 min run and 1 min walk. it was a great way to start again. But when I look at the time I feel so slow. But, one mile at a time right? Yes. And boy did it feel great!

It has been a busy week and I’m not sure how I was still smiling without running. My work plate is full, Penny is walking, Hayden is taking less naps, my mom is here while doing radiation, I feel like the house needs a good cleaning & it is so nice out I just want to take the kids and play outside all the time. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!

I almost went to the gym being chilly outside but less travel time means more time for me. And boy it was great. There was wind, it was chilly, but running outside is just so different. So pleasant. So . . . whats the word?

I am running again and back to blogging. I have so much I want to talk about. This morning I used run keeper, a new arm band to hold my iPhone, Hot Pants and Rock My Run. As we run together this summer I will tell you my thoughts on all these and running related items. And I welcome your comments to see what you think too.

Here we go! Again. Run Mom Run!